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Chesya, a Secular Jewish teen girl of privilege from New York

with her father make alyia (return) to Israel. Chesya narrowly

escapes becoming the victim of a homicide bomber.  She is left

paralyzed by her fears and horrific dreams. Her recovery begins

when a friend suggests “Try doing ‘good’ at the same point

that others are intending evil.” She volunteers at a Jerusalem

hospital emergency department and faces her fears while seeing

things that no person should ever see.


Chasya must also face the path of spiritual awakening. Will she

attempt to move closer to the creator through the Judaism that

she has been taught but never took seriously, or will her research

into the teachings of the “Carpenters Son” be helpful? She

certainly wouldn’t expect to find any comfort in Islam whose

adherents had tried to kill her in their religious fervor.


Jerusalem, her new hometown, has been and continues to be a

 battleground. The battle now claims her mental peace and exposes

the struggle concerning her eternal destiny. Her guardian spirit protects

 her as spirits of darkness seek to derail the search for a relationship

with the creator. How much influence will they have? What is the

 destiny of the evil spirits? Will Chasya survive long enough to

complete her search?


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